As we were in the middle of preparation for the opening of schools in Canada in this last Labor day weekend, we heard with an unspeakable shock the news regarding the mass murder of over 300 people including a large number of students in Beslan, Russsia. Hearing this makes one wonder how low have some humans gone in their behavior and how wrong and blind they have gone in their Judgment. We strongly deprecate such horific acts that should not be left unpunished through the legal system. By the same token, we would like to call upon the Russian authorities to review their policies which led to the massacre of at least 80,000 Chechens who have been killed since President Boris Yeltsin launched a war on their country in 1994.

The vicious cycle of violence is fueled by vengeance and despair and cannot be stopped except by Justice and Understanding. While these killings of innocent people cannot be justified by any motives, one should deeply investigate the root causes of such barbaric acts.

By the present, we send our sincere condolences to the families of the victims. May God give them patience and guidance in these very difficult times!

“Truly to God we belong and truly to Him we will return!”

Imam Hamid Slimi